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Welcome To Funnel Graphics!

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My name is Daniel Barbosa and I appreciate you for being here.

I'm the founder of Funnel Graphics, and before you apply for this position I'd LOVE to give you some background and expectations.

Funnel Graphics will be opening in March 2023 to the public, as the first funnel-focused unlimited graphic designing agency in the world.

And we need people like YOU to make it happen.

In case you're not completely familiar with the term, a 'funnel' is a very specific 'sort of website' that's designed and built using different tactics and psychological principles to get people to buy your product, give their contact information, call a book with you, etc.

For the last 5 years, I've been a professional funnel designer who's worked with some of the biggest names of the online marketing world, such as Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Dan Lok, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Nicole Arbour, and many many more.

Now, it's time to start helping more people out there to grow their businesses.

That's why I'm creating Funnel Graphics!

We're looking to provide an unlimited graphic designing service specifically for funnels and landing pages.

All these graphics and images will be used for hundreds and thousands of different businesses and entrepreneurs around the world, and we want to make sure all our clients are beyond happy with our service.

Your experience

I'm a big believer that no one needs a degree or work experience to succeed in real life.

(Well, unless you're a doctor or something similar - for obvious reasons).

I've managed to start and grow a 6-figure business from the comfort of my home, without going through 4 years of college, hundreds of low-paying jobs, and years of 'required experience'.

And trust me, I'm not special at all - I know anyone can do what I've done.

So, don't worry– we won't ask you for a complicated, nice-looking, full-of-experience CV, tens of former employers references, or any sort of experience whatsoever.

If you think you're GREAT at what you do, go ahead and apply now.

What to expect

Alright– so below you'll find all our current openings here at Funnel Graphics.

First off I want to make sure you know this:

All of our job openings are completely remote. You can apply from anywhere in the world and work from your couch (you can even wear your comfy pajamas all day long, we don't do boring daily Zoom meetings here where you have to turn on your camera and look professional).

But we do ask you to be thoughtful about your time zone. If you live in a different continent than America, maybe working together is not going to be a good fit since we work in the US Central time zone.

Cool, other than that, here we go.

I personally HATE applying for a job, be all excited and eager to ear some news... and get nothing at all in response.

The truth is, I can't hire everyone who applies – but I'll definitely make sure that you're 100% aware about the process.

Whether we decide to move onto the next step with you or not, we will let you know so you're not left hanging for weeks waiting for a response.

Great, seems you're good to go :)

Hope you are a good fit and that we can work together very soon!


Daniel Barbosa

Our Job Openings

All of our job openings are and must filled out in English - we won't consider any application in other language

Customer Success Manager

Remote | Fixed monthly salary

Junior Graphic Designer

Remote | Paid per hour

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